About Man Made Survival
We help moms and dads, prepare so their families can live a better, safer life.
If you are trying to build a safe environment for your families, avoid any tragic loses, and prepare for the "unknowns" in life then we can definitely help you.
We are experts in Helping you Prepare for Worse case scenarios.
I've been laugh at, until neighbors and family member needed of my knowledge.
When you want your family to live a better, safer life, you need the true experts in Prepping, to help you plan for the worse case scenarios.
We can definitely help you build a safe environment for your family to minimize risk, avoid any tragic loses, and prepare for the "unknowns" in life!

About Jose Prado
Hi all,

My name is Jose Prado, CEO and Founder of Man Made Survival.

I am an avid outdoorsman and prepper enthusiast with more than 7 years of experience. 

I founded Man Made Survival in 2018 to carry out my mission of helping others understand the benefits of planning for worst case scenarios.

And even if you think you'll never experience a worse case scenario, I'm sure you've been through an "emergency" in the past, and that where preparation is better than the cure.

Always Ready
"You may not know the future,
but you can make an educated guess"
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